Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network

Juvenal's Dusky Wing

Juvenal's Dusky Wing Juvenal's Dusky Wing (Erynnis juvenalis)
Illinois Beach State Park, Lake County, Illinois
Photo by Donna Motherway

This picture could be either a Juvenal's or a Horace's Dusky Wing. We're missing two key pieces for accurate identification: the date the picture was taken and a view of the underside of the hindwing.

Juvenal's is univoltine and flies from mid-April through early June; Horace's is bivoltine and can be found in early spring and again from late June through September. If the picture was taken in July or later, we could confirm it as a Horace's. If we saw two white spots on the underside costal edge of the hindwing, we could confirm it as a Juvenal's Dusky Wing.

With only the photo and no additional information, we are left with some doubt.

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